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Drainage services from Sydney’s plumbing professionals

If you’re having problems with blocked drains, then just call Croydon Plumbing and Hot Water and we’ll have the problem fixed in no time. We can unblock all types of drains and sewers and carry out minor and partial repairs, removing any debris, such as tree roots. 

Using our CCTV drain camera, we can inspect your drains to establish what’s causing the blockage before using our equipment to clear them. We offer an electric eel drain and sewer clearing service and also use high-pressure water jetting and blasting.
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Residential and commercial drainage services:

We can clear blocked drains/sewers, carry out drainage repairs and remove tree root problems.

Drainage problems can arise at any time, but to avoid potentially blocked drains and sewers, be sure to check outside after storms when debris may have accumulated. If debris gathers in your drains, they can become blocked or may travel further along them, creating more problems.
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Alternatively, your toilet may have stopped flushing properly or your sink may be overflowing in the kitchen or bathroom. You may notice an unpleasant smell coming from the plug holes or from outside. All of this indicates a drainage or sewer problem.

At Croydon Plumbing and Hot Water, we can deal with drains in both commercial premises such as restaurants and offices, and in residential areas. So, if you think you have a drainage problem and would like us to take a look, just get in touch anytime, and we’ll do what we can to help.

Call us today on 0413 684 918 for more information about our drainage services in Sydney. 

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